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Stories on Uganda Release Time:2021-07-02

Uganda has a nick name of ‘Pearl of Africa’,this is because that the biggest fresh water lake of Victory is located in this country. What a beautiful name it is!

The first time we meet Uganda is in 2012 whenFOCONO installed its first outdoor P10mm LED screen in this beautiful land. Beforethis, we have nealy known nothing about this country. We just heard some newsabout it . Since 2012, our fate has been connected to this Kindom.

2 years later, We are luckly to have thechance to serve a second P10mm LED screen ,which is also installed in thecapotal city of Kampala. This time, we firstly sent our engineer to this countryby flying 18 hours and crossing half of the earth . FOCONO PEOPLE have thechance to see and feel this wonderland where living a group of pure-heart peoplethat have a firm loyal to their religious belif.

In 2015, following the previous success inUganda, FOCONO has gotten much attention of people in outdoor digital adsindustry in Kampala. Very soon, a big local outdoor media company contact usfor a large format outdoor LED screen business which will be deployed a interserctionof roads in Kampala, where it’ll faces big traffic flow each day and get quitewell exposure of its ads .

This time, FOCONO K10 stands out and showits brilliance to people there.

When time comes to 2018, we added anotherD10 installation in the same city of Kampala. So far we have finished almost 8installations in Uganda. With more works done, we are getting well knownlocally. We recive e-mails and phone calls by asking business opportunities orcooperations with us almost every week. We feel we did a right thing years ago.When most of people pay no attention to this market ,our people just keepworking with what it’s called “poverty’ country with no hope of consuming latesttechnology products.

 Just Let them bullshit, we do our own thing.

This going to be an unforgettable year of2019, When we meet Mr.Steven , a local senior media person at Kampala ,at “LEDChina Shanghai” Fair. When he was told of FOCONO story in Uganda , he decidedto work with us and promise to make our products become a well-known brand in hiscountry.  Here is what he did so far………

After 10-years dedicated working in Africa, FOCONO has made its founmental success in this territory. We are going tocontenue focusing on this lucky land where everything looks promissing……..