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Do We Really Need LED Screen? The Truth Is ....... Release Time:2021-08-13

Wow……, this must be a last question we want to answer, you know what I’m talking about , right?

Since the day we build up FOCONO LED ,we’ve been lucky to witness a new industry that grow up from nothing to a unimaginable scale on this planet . from this point of veiw, I don’t want to say LED screen has become a neccessity in our life ,but the truth is that you have been living with LED screen everywhere you can walk into in cities now.am I exaggerateing ……?

Not at all !

Looking around Media,TV, advertising, events, sport, public propaganda ………, none of them have been doing their work without LED screens. For example, we have experienced the great moments of the Euro 2020 and Olympic 2020 in the past 2 months, though people around the world can not come to see the sport event by walking into the stadium ,but we;ve all seen them on TV broadcasting . 

Take a special notice , it’ll be easily found that almost all of the stadiums where all kinds of competition are held on ,you’ll see LED screens appear to everywhere. Some of them works as information pubilicity .some are showing ads ………etc. we can say that without LED screens, the moden sport stadiums are none ,but the old accient arena halls where people can orgnaize a very limited scale of activitis.

Therefore, we can see how importan role LED screens play in our model life and work.

 Last ,but not least, we are getting more and relied on what new technology bring in our way of livingsand we are impacted by all kinds of informaition on a daily basis, would it be possible that one day we human beings can’t afford to participate in true life ,but just are living in a virtual world…? 

 Hopefully, it won’t happen and we continue to make a better life with our heart and spirit we’vebeen inherited from the day we are born…