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Talk To Euro2020 Release Time:2021-06-24

Talking about Euro2020”, one of the most eye-attractive things no matter you are sitting onsite of stadium or watching TV at home. You’ll find LED peiemter screen shinning around the corner. 
Pepople used to place static board for ads along the sorroundings of soccer field,which serves for many EUFA sponsors with their bands worldwidel. This is good for Football orgnaizers who can ern more income to build up a better event . but it’s also benificial to those international brands such as Coca cola , Toyata ….etc. 
Starting from FIFA Word Cup” in South Africa, the LED periemter screen has began to taking place of the old static board and play a big role in most of internatioanl sport events. Since then, people get to know those big brands though a moving digintal LED ,which makes those brand even more successful in becoming a well-known companies .
So we can darely say that LED periemter screen will keep playing an unchangable role in sport industry and will generate millions of millions of dollars for those who brings these equipments into business. 
As a 10-year outdoor LED manufacturer , FOCONO LED has provided LED periemter screens to more than 20 countries ,such as Italy, Greece, France, Finland ,Iceland,,,,,,,,,,etc. and serve world top-class football clubs,which make them even more famous locally or internationally.
Values makes owe . you are welcome to get in line with us and make a briliant future with LED periemter screens.